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We sat down and played Truth or Dare an hour or two after we got there.

I purposely sat across from Serena and figured I'd ask her something. But that didn't pan out.

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Everyone was picking truths! There was nothing major, though, just stuff like, 'Have you ever kissed so-and-so? So Serena gets chosen to go against me. I didn't want to say truth so she'd think I was a pussy.

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I picked dare. I thought she'd pick something fun And I started laughing 'cause I didn't even believe it. Will told BuzzFeed News he was laughing and playing along — but he was actually really hurt inside. The Government of Canada undertakes to provide for wider dissemination of the report pursuant to the recommendations of the Commissioners 3. The Commission may make recommendations for such further measures as it considers necessary for the fulfillment of the Truth and Reconciliation Mandate and goals.

Principles Through the Agreement, the Parties have agreed that an historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be established to contribute to truth, healing and reconciliation. Top Terms of Reference 1. Goals The goals of the Commission shall be to: a Acknowledge Residential School experiences, impacts and consequences; b Provide a holistic, culturally appropriate and safe setting for former students, their families and communities as they come forward to the Commission; c Witness 1 , support, promote and facilitate truth and reconciliation events at both the national and community levels; d Promote awareness and public education of Canadians about the IRS system and its impacts; e Identify sources and create as complete an historical record as possible of the IRS system and legacy.

Top 2. Further, the Commissioners are authorized and required in the public interest to archive all such documents, materials, and transcripts or recordings of statements received, in a manner that will ensure their preservation and accessibility to the public and in accordance with access and privacy legislation, and any other applicable legislation; b shall not hold formal hearings, nor act as a public inquiry, nor conduct a formal legal process; c shall not possess subpoena powers, and do not have powers to compel attendance or participation in any of its activities or events.

Top 3. Responsibilities In keeping with the powers and duties of the Commission, as enumerated in section 2 above, the Commission shall have the following responsibilities: a to employ interdisciplinary, social sciences, historical, oral traditional and archival methodologies for statement-taking, historical fact-finding and analysis, report-writing, knowledge management and archiving; b to adopt methods and procedures which it deems necessary to achieve its goals; c to engage the services of such persons including experts, which it deems necessary to achieve its goals; d to establish a research centre and ensure the preservation of its archives; e to have available the use of such facilities and equipment as is required, within the limits of appropriate guidelines and rules; f to hold such events and give such notices as appropriate.

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Top 4. Exercise of Duties As the Commission is not to act as a public inquiry or to conduct a formal legal process, it will, therefore, not duplicate in whole or in part the function of criminal investigations, the Independent Assessment Process, court actions, or make recommendations on matters already covered in the Agreement.

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Top 5. Membership The Commission shall consist of an appointed Chairperson and two Commissioners, who shall be persons of recognized integrity, stature and respect. Top 6. Secretariat The Commission shall operate through a central Secretariat. Top 7. Top 8.

Timeframe The Commission shall complete its work within five years. Within that five year span, there are two timelines: Two Year Timeline a Preparation of a budget within three months from being launched, under the budgetary cap provision in the Agreement; b Completion of all national events, and research and production of the report on historic findings and recommendations, within two years of the launch of the Commission, with the possibility of a 6 month extension, which shall be at the discretion of the Commissioners.

Top 9. Research The Commission shall conduct such research, receive and take such statements and consider such documents as it deems necessary for the purpose of achieving its goals. Top A National Events The national events are a mechanism through which the truth and reconciliation process will engage the Canadian public and provide education about the IRS system, the experience of former students and their families, and the ongoing legacies of the institutions.

The Commission shall recognize that ownership over IRS experiences rests with those affected by the Indian Residential School legacy; j analysis of the short and long term legacy of the IRS system on individuals, communities, groups, institutions and Canadian society including the intergenerational impacts of the IRS system; k participation of high level government and church officials; l health supports and trauma experts during and after the ceremony for all participants. B Community Events It is intended that the community events will be designed by communities and respond to the needs of the former students, their families and those affected by the IRS legacy including the special needs of those communities where Indian Residential Schools were located.

The community events are for the purpose of: a acknowledging the capacity of communities to develop reconciliation practices; b developing collective community narratives about the impact of the IRS system on former students, families and communities; c involving church, former school employees and government officials in the reconciliation process, if requested by communities; d creating a record or statement of community narratives — including truths, insights and recommendations - for use in the historical research and report, national events, and for inclusion in the research centre; e educating the public and fostering better relationships with local communities; f allowing for the participation from high level government and church officials, if requested by communities; g respecting the goal of witnessing in accordance with Aboriginal principles.

D Closing Ceremony The Commission shall hold a closing ceremony at the end of its mandate to recognize the significance of all events over the life of the Commission. What is the most embarrassing nickname that someone has given you? What was the meanest prank that you have ever played on someone?

When was the last time you peed the bed?

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What was the worst experience that you have ever had with the police? Who is the one person that you regret most about getting romantically involved with? Where is one place that you had such a bad experience with that you will never visit again? What is the weirdest thing that your parents have caught you doing?

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What animal would you like to switch places with for a week? What would you do during that week? What is the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done for money?

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Who would be the most annoying and most fun out of the group to be stuck in an elevator with? If you could switch lives with any celebrity for a day, who would it be? What was the most disgusting thing that you have done to another human? Let the group choose a song and lip-sync to the song while putting on a show for all of the players. Dress up as the opposite sex and allow a picture to be taken of you.