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Celebrity Mysteries - Ep01 - Marilyn Monroe - What Happened?

Playboy Magazine announced yesterday Oct. Among its changes: No longer will naked ladies grace the pages of the magazine. Of course, you only read it for the articles anyway, right?

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But ultimately, even the nude pictures weren't enough to hold readers. The magazine, which first exploded into public consciousness when it published nude shots of Marilyn Monroe in , has been losing readers for years, according the Alliance for Audited Media. With the click of a button, a smorgasbord of sexual options, from the violent and disturbing to the frankly weird, are instantly available. Yet porn has effects beyond siphoning readers from the lad mag of a bygone era.

It may also be changing people in myriad subtle ways. Scientists don't fully understand how pornography affects people, but a few studies have revealed surprising — and disturbing — trends. From shrinking the brain to sabotaging relationships, here are five ways pornography affects the brain. Along with eating, drinking and sleeping, sex is one of the most fundamental human drives.

The 'Nazi Marilyn Monroe': Goebbels had very nice eyes – but he was a devil! | Film | The Guardian

That means it activates ancient parts of the brain such as the limbic system, which also controls basic emotions such as fear and anger, said Joseph J. Plaud, a private, clinical forensic psychologist in Boston, Massachusetts, who has studied the effects of pornography. When people look at sexual imagery, dopamine floods these brain regions, causing an intense feeling of pleasure.

Over time, people come to associate those direct images called reinforcers with the pleasurable feelings. Anything associated with those images, including Playboy's trademark bunny image, could also prime people to seek out that positive rush. However, if that pleasure response gets triggered over and over — with frequent doses of Playboy or other sexually charged imagery — a person will need bigger hits to feel a response, Plaud said.

Men who regularly consumed porn had smaller brain volume and fewer connections in the striatum, a brain region tied to reward processing, compared with those who didn't view porn. However, it's possible this brain region shrinks simply because people become accustomed to viewing pornographic images, and thus find them less rewarding, one researcher previously told Live Science.

One particularly amusing test, noted to have occurred frequently in Spain, involved alternately dunking Tiny Tim in cold and then hot water and then seeing if he would stand up after. His wife, Tedia Lambhird, had accused him of being impotent:. And said witness stroked it with her hands and… put [it] in that place it neither expanded nor grew.

Asked if he has a scrotum with testicles she says that he has the skin of a scrotum, but the testicles do not hang in the scrotum but are connected with the skin as is the case among young infants. Rest in Peace John Sanderson. I bet even at the height of your shame, you never considered that years later a description of your genitals would still be fodder for the amusement of the masses. Understandably, even men capable of normally rising to the occasion struggled to do so under these circumstances.

Further, some men even stated their inability to perform during the trial was because the wife had hired a sorcerer to bewitch his giggle stick, such as the case of one Jacques de Sales.

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Given the uncertainty in all this and attempts to give the men in question every opportunity to show they could storm the pink fortress, these trials often drug out for some time, even months, or, in some cases, the ruling would be to tack on another duration of up to three years to see if things sorted themselves out, quite literally, in the end. The experts waited around a fire. Come now! After the deed was done, or at least the attempt at it, experts would then examine the couple intimately, as well as the sheets, to see if the doughnut had been properly glazed.

In , the Marquis had his man-handle were put on trial, not in the ecclesiastical courts, but by the High Court of Paris itself. This disdain for his ability to hold a joint session of congress was in stark contrast to their seemingly happy relationship in the early going given letters that were brought to account during the trial.

Interestingly, in this case, eager to prove his abilities in the bedroom to the masses, Langey himself demanded the Trial by Congress, even though up to this point it had appeared the trial might go his way as he had otherwise demonstrated the necessary abilities and the lady herself was considered not to be a virgin by their examination. Unfortunately for Langey, the pressure to pickle the prime meridian lest his reputation be besmirched forever, someday even recounted on the interwebs, was too much.

After several hours of trying, he could not do the deed. Critical to his tale is that, after the divorce, despite the court order against it, he went ahead and took another wife, Diana de Navailles. This time he had no such issues, managing to father a whopping seven kids with Diana. Once his virility was proved, he then appealed his former sentence successfully and his marriage to Diana was officially confirmed. From this and other similar accounts, it does appear there were at least some men back then fully capable of using their schnoodlypooper who were charged with being impotent or otherwise incapable of getting a puck past the goalie.

Marilyn Monroe: The ultimate sex symbol for men. But did she only love women?

To add insult to injury, as mentioned in the case of Langey, should the man lose the case, not only was his inability to Mickey a Minnie Mouse now known to the world, along with very explicit and detailed descriptions of his dud of a Weapon of Mass Destruction, he was also liable for the court and legal fees of both he and his former wife.

On this note, upper class women were far more likely to bring claims of impotence against their husbands as they both had the means to hire a lawyer in the first place, and pay if she lost, and also would typically have better prospects for a future husband more able to give her a proper root canal if she won. In the end, several famous cases where men supposedly proven to be impotent during a trial managed to father children after started to shift the tides against such trials proving anything.

Eventually other avenues of divorce also opened up, which all saw impotence trials falling by the wayside by the 19th century. However, let us not forget that for a brief period in European history, men could literally be put on trial for not being able to take the bald-headed gnome for a stroll in the misty forest.

This article seems to be one of the largest source for genitals and intercourse synonyms under one roof.

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And it was hard to hold my laugh at work. Stopped reading when the middle-school metaphors were just too ridiculous. Who is writing now, teenagers? Time to remove this bookmark. It never used to be a low-brow corny comedy site. Now it is.