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Search for:. Photo credit: Jim Charlier ArtofGardening. Expanded footprint of the Walk now includes the Park Meadow and Parkside neighborhoods -neighborhoods on either side of the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Delaware Park. The creative design book shows how the reader can add your own personality and uniqueness to your garden. It features many gardens on the tour. Explore Buffalo docents will be on each Garden Walk shuttle throughout the weekend, pointing out significant architecture and historic sites.

Find out more about Explore Buffalo by visiting ExploreBuffalo. Orange circles designate shuttle stops. Note new routes this year with color-coded zones and buses — and transfer stops between each color zone at a headquarters location. Shuttles run from 10am-4pm. Be on a shuttle by to get back to your starting point! Visitors can bid on unique and creative bird, bat, bee, bugged butterfly house.

More information is forthcoming. Hide Comments. Subscribe to Buffalo Rising Digest. Subscribe to Buffalo Rising Digest We send fresh and beautiful content to your inbox regularly -- you set the delivery frequency. Plus, you'll enjoy access to our premium newsletter when it becomes available. Email address. First Name. Last Name. Ian Rankin. The Edinburgh crime writer talks about his writing life, his passions, and reveals…a big secret!

His latest novel is The Impossible Dead , the second outing for the miserable, lonely and difficult DI Malcolm Fox, which sees him looking into a case of police corruption. Expect a few mysteries to be unveiled! The book won the Costa Biography Award in This is a thrilling chance to gain an insight into the life and mind of one of the greatest Lieder and opera singers of his time, as the great tenor discusses some composers he has worked with.

But before he started performing, he was an academic historian, looking into the study of 17th-century witchcraft. Find out how he feels a deep and lasting connection between the two seemingly different magical realms.

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Oh, and he likes Bob Dylan, too, which is a little surprising. The author is in conversation about his history of the wartime codebreaking centre. His book draws on the memories of those who were there, and sheds new light on the habits of those plucky boffins who shortened the war by two years. He also put a life-size statue of Christ on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

His work is accessible and witty, and also conscientious and politically incisive.

He makes sculptures of himself cast as famous people like Sid Vicious and Che Guevara. Hear him talk about authenticity, self-portaiture, parody, identity and authority. Daniel Pick is a psychoanalyst and historian who has written about clinical encounters with Nazis, including the interrogation of the captured Rudolf Hess.

Revisiting characters from The Lollipop Shoes and the bestselling Chocolat , this book looks at the changing face of a French town as a Moroccan community moves in. Miller is highly connected to Scotland, his birthplace, in his essays. He has also written about his travels with poet Seamus Heaney. Rowson skewers the modern age as deftly and imaginatively as the original novel — Gulliver causes an economic crash by an inadvertent bowel movement, whilst a Blair-like character spouts platitudes.

Ingenious and irreverent. Inspired by his Welsh grandfather, he paddled a coracle, played rugby, went down a mine and joined a male voice choir. Here he talks about what makes the Welsh tick. Pratchett, best known for his Discworld series, is 64 this month. He will be on stage at Hay with his assistant, Rob Wilkins. Published two years after Tiananmen Square demonstrations in , it gave a real insight into what life was like under the Communist Party. Here she will talk about the changes in her birthplace over the last quarter century. Singer Sarah Jane Morris and cellist Enrico Melozzi premiere their extraordinary collaboration with a cello orchestra.

Ex-rugby player and Telegraph commentator Brian Moore acquired an exceptionally broad following when he published his revealing memoir, Beware of the Dog. Our all-star team is ready to tackle your questions about the burning issues of the day.

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Chaired by Clemency Burton-Hill. The feisty Welsh singer-songwriter and her band return to the festival with her own new music and a tribute to Woody Guthrie. The novelist and the composer preview their collaboration, a musical production about Herbert Rowse Armstrong, the Hay solicitor who was hanged for the murder of his wife.

The opera examines the way someone can be destroyed by both human and inhuman forces.

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The post-punk and publicity shy musician previews his first book, talking about his life as the driving force behind Joy Division and other bands, including New Order. Linguistics professor David Crystal looks into the works of one of our greatest novelists, whose bicentenary is celebrated this year — step forward Charles Dickens; your dialect, dialogue and quirky language habits will all be examined under the intellectual microscope.

She gave us Adrian Mole, one of the funniest comic characters in fiction. The brilliant Townsend talks about her new novel , which sees Eva Beaver yes, that is her name becoming a guru after taking to her bed for a year. Bettany Hughes. Was God ever a girl? The historian and broadcaster unveils the hidden history of women in religion, from dominatrix goddesses to political operators and warrior empresses. She reveals what her favourite women in religion tell us about the lives of the real flesh-and-blood women of their day, delving into the catacombs of Rome to the 12,year-old Gobekli Tepe, which is the oldest religious complex in the world.

The Millennium series of crime novels was a publishing phenomenon. Their Swedish author, Stieg Larsson, edited a magazine called Expo , and fought to keep it alive despite receiving death threats and bullets in the post from Neo-Nazis. He died of a heart attack at the age of Here his partner talks about their year romance, the pressure of his job, his complex relationship with his family, and the evasive life that he was forced to live.

Matt provides Telegraph readers with a chuckle every day of the year — and has done for over years. His ingenious cartoons give a waggish, wry view of the world, in which everyday events are often turned inside out, skewering everything from suntan lotion warnings to the recent hosepipe ban.

This will be fun. Andrew Marr was a republican — until he spent some time with the Queen , looked into how our monarch has shaped the country and how beloved he is by many. Join her in conversation with Simon Schama for an evening of cinematic delight, and an invaluable look into the discipline of editing. The world-renowned Welsh baritone who has a website dedicated to him, called the Terfeliad gives a very special birthday party concert for the Hay Festival.

Expect his customary versatility and depth. Dylan Moran. With the hit Noises Off currently enjoying a revival on the London stage, the novelist discusses his memoir. Prepare to be enlightened about his childhood and what he discovered about his father. Her acclaimed book Charles Dickens: a Life was published at the end of last year.

The author of Stalingrad, D-Day and Berlin: the Downfall explores a period of history fraught with human tragedy, courage and contradictions. Chaired by Radio 4 presenter Jim Naughtie. The former Chancellor chronicles his turbulent 1, days in office — from the financial crisis and the bailout of Royal Bank of Scotland to the eccentricities of his neighbour at Number Oswald converts the names of the dead soldiers into a thought-provoking work on death and remembrance.

The broadcaster speaks frankly about his troubled life to Telegraph online Culture Editor Martin Chilton. The adventures of this Lancashire lad include 15 years as a DJ on Radio 1, reporting from civil wars and a painfully public breakdown. A fascinating fill of anecdotes, with presidential appearances. After a six-year hiatus, the deadpan stand-up returns to the stage. The Samuel Johnson Prize-winner for The Suspicions of Mr Whicher offers a portrait of a complex, frustrated Victorian wife — a woman who is starved of passion, learning, companionship and love.

Born in in Prague, the author was one of 15, children taken to Terezin and later deported to Auschwitz. Only of those children survived the Holocaust. Helga Weiss was one. Tackling yet another controversial and sensitive subject, the historian scrutinises the House of Windsor. This introduces the most romantic project of the Cultural Olympiad, a collaboration with the director Deborah Warner. Peace Camp explores love poetry through a series of installations.


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You are invited to bring your favourite love poems that may be included in a special soundscape being created for Peace Camp. The author of Any Human Heart and Restless discusses his tale of passions and deceptions. A state-of-England satire is launched here at Hay.

The protagonist is a struggling criminal, carrying out his morning duties in a London prison. Beginning with the first snowdrops of January, through the bursts of spring daffodils, the summer displays of the Jewel Garden, the autumn harvest in the orchard and finishing with how to source Christmas fare from the vegetable gardens. A celebration of Dickens as a performer, an expert on character and dialogue, a mimic and a storyteller. Little-known kingdoms, duchies, empires and republics are brought to life by Davies. You may be surprised to learn that Glasgow was founded by the Welsh at a time when neither England nor Scotland existed.

The historian offers a sceptical view of mainstream history writing.