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As children , we always had the time and imagination to dream. At that young age, life seemed to have so many opportunities and we could afford to believe that all those dreams were achievable if we just believed in them enough. But as you get older, sometimes we forget to dream.

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We get so caught up in education, careers and family life that the realm of possibility seems to get narrower — which at times can be a frightening prospect. You can take a look at any number of success stories of people who have started at what seemed like a disadvantage and against the odds have achieved all manner of success. You may have lost sight by now of what it was that you always wanted to achieve.

So you need to focus and regain that insight that came so naturally as a child.

You should write it down to make it more tangible. Be sure to make a mental note of what is actually achievable at this stage. But a good rule is that if you can use your imagination to visualize yourself living in the dream and it does not seem completely absurd, then you can set about making that picture a reality.

You Can Achieve Your Goals IF – Part 2

The first and biggest barrier to achieving your dream is YOU. Far too often you will find people who dream big but will shrug and say it will never happen. Think about all those people who have challenged their perceived disadvantages and made something truly wonderful of their lives. Tell as many people as possible about your dream.

Planning and organizing your dreams means you are committing to do whatever it takes to get there. Looping back to 2, breathe and bring yourself into the present. When you do, you allow yourself to innovate and begin to enjoy the process.

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Stop being in your head. Stop being in your head all the time, thinking, planning, re-doing the plan, etc. Getting to that ultimate dream goal is about learning the art of innovating, and that can only happen by breaking the pattern of thinking and being that keeps you small. Innovation happens with impulses, insights, sensing where the energy lies for you to embrace and work with, and always in present time. If you wait, then you allow fear, worry, and doubt to creep in. When you act on that impulse, you begin to trust yourself more, dare yourself more and actually do more to get to where you want to be.

Stop stuffing the schedule. Nip the habit by preparing for focus.

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Before you take the step towards your goal, shut off your phone, close all other tabs on your computer. Shut out all those tiny distractions before you begin, and not by beginning them! Clear your schedule to make the energy and time. Multitasking is not for the big goal.

It distracts from the critical ability to focus and be present. You want to truly achieve that big thing? Achieving big goals is learning to be a leader of your destiny and life.

Put your goal and the things that truly matter in life ahead. Stop focusing on the past. The only thing we should do about what happened yesterday is to learn from it.

How To Convert Dreams Into Action Plan - Motivational Video For Students - Dr Vivek Bindra

Yesterday, good or bad, is history. Tomorrow is a dream, a hope, a passion. You are growing into a bigger version of yourself in order to achieve that big goal. You grow into the level of being, acting and thinking that supports the energy of your goal. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. Free yourself from their chains and your own chains. Truly, truly find it in your heart to forgive. Set aside time to meditate on forgiving transgressions and mistakes.

You are doing yourself and your ability to do great things the chance you need and deserve. You are growing, learning, and so worthy of your amazing goal. If you have a dream in your heart, I fully believe it is planted in your heart because it is yours to be and to have. Stop the habit of reliving the past over and over.

Make a decision to close that chapter through forgiveness. And move on! Sign in. Get started. Wanda Krause, PhD Follow. Thrive Global More than living.

7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream

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